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These were all really good films, but my favorites are the Batman movies. Superman II was not up to par with the first, but it had it's moments. X Men 2 was an absolute mess (and 3 will probably be the same) and I'm not a fan of Captain America as a movie at all. I liked the first X Men and the first Avengers (what they actually were) much more, and I liked the first Marvel movie. The last 2 Iron Man movies really sucked. That's about it for now, as I'm not really into sci-fi or horror and I've already seen most of the all time greats (yes, I'm looking at you, Pulp Fiction) Just wanted to post something since a lot of people aren't really discussing anything with me anymore. Spoiler: So I was like, "Okay, well, maybe it's because I haven't played WoW for a while, but at least I'm only dead for like 5 seconds and at most I have to go to maybe 2-3 quests each time and there's not really much else to do besides that. And who knows what the story is gonna be like after the chapter 16 patches (if that's when it will be released). And I like the romance aspect so I'm just wondering how it's gonna end." Then I read something where people got all pissy about not liking Catwoman and a "she'll come back eventually" remark about Batman's disappearance and stuff like that, and I was like, "WHAT?!" Wait, I need to re-read this thread...I thought I saw some stuff about Batman not really playing a significant role anymore in the game...did I get that all wrong? Like, to sum up, they have him hiding and then he comes out and when he's done, he goes back in hiding and they play a little bit with Catwoman, but she doesn't die (I think that's right) and he just goes back to that "playboy billionaire playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy playboy" thing, right? Please let me know, I'm worried that I misunderstood the matter and I don't want to start liking things that will just be used to tell me that I'm wrong. I don't want to spend the next month trying to explain to people why I think I'm right. If you're referring to



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Inside Out English Movie Tamil Dubbed Free Download yakcel

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