K R I S (she/her)

Kris is a natural intuitive, and magickal herbal practitioner with Lithuanian and Celtic roots. After a near-death experience at a young age, she appreciates the beauty of walking the liminal space between life and death.  


Kris grew up foraging the New England woods with her Lithuanian grandmother and shares her inherited gifts with a family of healers, psychics, and mediums.  She enjoys spreading her knowledge by teaching herbalism, tarot, and intuitive development workshops around the country. 


Kris was an officer in the Air Force, earned an M.B.A. at Boston University, an M.S. in Herbal Medicine at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and completed an herbalism apprenticeship at the  Boston School of Herbal Studies.


She is the creator of the Witch City Tarot + Divination Gathering - a weekend of sharing knowledge on tarot & divination in Salem, MA, founded Dark Moon in 2010,  has appeared on the History Channel, and is currently renovating an old A-Frame in the woods of New Hampshire into a witchy forest retreat with her one-eyed rescue cat, Isis.