Witches' Scrying Amulets

A Witches' Amulet is a "container of magick", carefully crafted in ritual, to carry out the desired intention to the beholder.  I've crafted each amulet using herbs wildcrafted in Salem, MA under the most auspicious planetary aspects and moon phases.   

I hope you enjoy them.


As above; so below,

~ Kris

The Witching Hour Collection

Using witching herbs collected in Salem MA, I created this collection in ritual under the Full Pisces Moon, beginning at midnight on Friday the 13th. 

Each Scrying Amulet in this collection also comes with a limited edition rollerball of "Witching Hour" anointing oil that was crafted on the same eve for divinatory workings.

Each Scrying Amulet  has been charged to bring creativity, protection, healing, guidance, empowerment, strength, and awaken intuition to the wearer.  

So mote it be.