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In this non-intimidating, introductory workshop series, you will develop your intuition by learning the symbolism and meanings of the 78 cards in a Tarot Deck.

This 4-part workshop will provide the basics of: reading tarot, divination, astrology, intuitive development, symbolism, and a solid foundation to feel confident in giving readings.

Class 1 
Intuitive development with instruction on the use of various divination tools, hands-on intuitive exercises, rituals, and methods to develop your intuition beyond the basic level. We will learn about the use of herbs, oils, and crystals to open & close psychic centers. Guided meditations to balance & open energy centers will also be a part of this fun evening. Everyone will leave with an open Third Eye!

Class 2 
Discussion on the history of Tarot and how a tarot deck is comprised. We'll dive into the Major Arcana, the 22 cards which form the foundation of a Tarot deck and begin to combine the use of all the tools learned in the previous class. We'll introduce a basic tarot spread to interpret messages and ‘tell the story’. Class will include guided tarot reading practice time.

Class 3 
We'll dive into the Minor Arcana, the 56 cards in a Tarot deck that correspond with the elements and various aspects of day-to-day life. We'll also discuss basic astrology and symbolism encoded in the cards. An understanding of astrology, elemental archetypes, and how they play a role in readings is essential of every good reader. Class will include guided tarot reading practice time.

Class 4 
We'll combine all the tools learned in the previous classes, discuss reading ethics, and how to prepare & set-up for a reading. Each participant will feel confident in their abilities to perform a Tarot reading. Class will conclude in a certificate ceremony for everyone who completed all 4 classes.

Early bird registration: $175 for all 4 workshops ($195 after 1 April). Space is limited to 10 participants to allow for one-on-one instruction.

*Each participant who registers and completes all 4 classes will receive a completion certificate, along with a FREE workbook guide I've written with my personal techniques to use during the classes.


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July 24-26th 2020

Join us in Historic Salem Massachusetts for a weekend to learn, practice, & share knowledge on the art of Tarot & Divination! This gathering welcomes all levels and will feature presentations &  workshops focusing on various methods, tools, techniques and applications of using Tarot for divination, self improvement, and magickal practices.


A fun weekend of workshops, independent deck artists, vending, magick & imbibing with like-minded humans.