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Witches' Protection Amulets

A Witches' Amulet is a "container of magick", carefully crafted in ritual, to carry out the desired intention.  I've crafted each amulet using herbs wildcrafted in Salem, pressed & dried under the most auspicious planetary aspects, including moon phase.s  Each amulet has been crafted in ritual for protection, empowerment,  and  to awaken intuition.  I hope you enjoy them.


As above; so below,

~ Kris


Witches' Protection Amulet  -

As above; So Below

Yellowdock is used in spells for protection, healing, and new beginnings, combined with Vervain, a powerful witches' protection herb also used in divination, Queen Anne's Lace, a powerful herb for feminine empowerment, intuition, mental clarity, and a piece of Rose Quartz to protect the heart.  I've crafted this amulet in ritual to empower the wearer on their path, to heal the heart, and to trust their intuition. 


Yellowdock- Jupiter

Vervain- Venus/Libra

Queen Anne's Lace- Mercury


Witches' Protection Amulet - Vervain Moon

Sealed in ritual during the New Moon, this Witches' Protection Amulet brings powerful feminine protection to the wearer.  Queen Anne's Lace, enhances intuition, brings clarity to messages in dreams, and has long been used in fertility magick, with Vervain being a powerful Witches' herb used for protection.  A piece of Flourite placed at the top of the moon provides extra protection from unwanted energies. 


Vervain- Venus/Libra

Queen Anne's Lace- Mercury

Flourite - 6th Chakra, Third Eye


Witches' Protection Amulet - Immortality

Tansy has long been associated with death in New England, as it was placed in caskets  to help aid a loved one into the spirit world.  Vervainis a powerful witches' protection herb, also used in teas and oils for divination. Queen Anne's Lace is a feminine empowerment herb that has been used to increase sexual desire, as well as enhance intuition.  Rose Quartz opens our heart center to allow love in, including self-love. Wear this amulet for empowerment, transformation, to heal from a broken heart, awaken intuition, and protection from unwanted, toxic energies.  


Tansy – Venus

Vervain – Venus/Libra

Queen Anne's Lace - Mercury

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra


Witches' Protection Amulet  - High Priestess

Yellowdock is used in spells for protection, healing, new beginnings, and to assist with financial success, combined with Vervain, a powerful witches' protection herb, which is also used in divination, and Queen Anne's Lace, a powerful feminine empowerment herb, this amulet assists the wearer during new beginnings, protection in legal maters, and intuitive awareness.



Yellowdock- Jupiter


Queen Anne's Lace-Mercury


Witches' Protection Amulet  - TRANSFORMATION

Tansy has long been associated with death & rebirth in New England, as well as used in many spells for protection.  Vervain is a powerful witches' protection herb, that is also used in tea for divination. I've placed a Rose Quartz at the top to heal & protect the heart. Wear this amulet for protection on a journey; spiritual, personal or travel, during a transformation, and to increase self-awareness.


Tansy- Venus

Vervain- Venus/Libra

Rose Quartz- Heart Charkra, Water


Witches' Protection Amulet  - Witches' Sight

Vervain is a powerful witches' protection and purifying herb, also used in teas or infusions for divination.  Vervain is associated with knowledge, empowerment, and is said to defy evil.  A piece of Flourite is sealed inside for added protection against negative or toxic energies.   Wear this amulet for protection in various matters, to enhance intuition, and empower oneself.


Vervain- Venus/Libra

Flourite - 6th Chakra

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